Working time:Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm

Inquiry reply:We will reply you within one working day after we accept your inquiry, if your inquiry is not accepted, it will be in the queue.


1. When will my order be purchased?
Usually the agent company will handle the orders which the submitting time is ealier than PM 2:00 Beijing time. If later than that time, your order will be handled in the next day.

2. When will my items be shipped?
Hi friend, almost every seller usually takes 3-7 days to ship your items, if your orders are within 7 days, we kindly suggest you wait patiently, but it will specifically depend on the seller processing. Some products shipping time would be more than 30 days, according to the seller shipping arrangement.

3. How can I tell you the color or pattern, style of the products that I need to purchase?
You remark the style, color and other information you need in the items description of the payment page. Meanwhile, for each item you need to remark the main color and alternative color, the main size and alternative size, so that we can flexibly purchase the goods for you according to the actual situation. When you need a specified color, but this color is out of stock, we will refund you directly if you do not have a remark. If the item you purchase is out of inventory, then we will directly cancel the order.

4. How can I be certain the size of the goods that I need?
Hi, you can leave message via order inquiry when your orders are assigned agents, usually they will reply you within 1 working day, thanks for your patience.

5. More HD pics?
Hi, usually the agent company will offer you three pieces standard QC photos. You can submit the detailed photo service (2 yuan for one pic).

6. How to apply return/exchange? How can I check the process?
Generally speaking, the products cannot be returned without any reasons, as it requires the seller agreement so that the agent can handle it for you. Return with no reason usually will be rejected by the most of the sellers. The agent could try to persuade the seller to accept return, besides you need to cover the return shipping freight. Once the item arrive the warehouse of the agent company, the service fee(10% of order amount) will not be refunded. If you need to apply return/exchange, you could apply return/exchange in the corresponding order, they will try their best to negotiate with the seller for return/exchange, and will handle it for you after the seller agrees. Tips: Normally it will take 7-15 days from exchange starting to replacement re-stored in warehouse.Once the item is out of China, the seller will not provide any after sale service. So, please DO CONFIRM the item is ok when it is still in the agent company’s warehouse!!

7.The item which arrived the agent company’s warehouse more than 20 days can not be return/exchanged at all !

8. Any other value-added services?
Hi, if you need the extra services like taking pics/package removing/extend storage, usually you can enter your shopping agent list and find the corresponding order, choose the extra service you need, submit the “value-added service” order, and the warehouse will deal with it by sequence after you pay for it, and inform you via the agent company’s internal message. Tips: if you have already chosen the package removing service, you will be no longer able to return/exchange.

9. You need to carry the risk of your parcel been seized by your country’s customs, beware of this dear friends. The agent company will not take any responsibility for this issue!